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It's been a while since the last time I wrote. Well, it's always been this same sentence I start my blogs with, huh. The past few months were very busy, the busiest I think. At long last, I have overcome all of that and I am about so close to graduation. I am about to reach a beautiful end and I am now ready for another wonderful yet harsh beginning.

It's been more than a month since I was officially taken off my privilege to go in and out of Mapua freely and I am kind of getting used to my sedentary life at home these days. Okay~~! Now, school is definitely done...I still have a lot of time for the preparations for the board examinations...I am so bored at home and so I kill time watching romantic TV series, movies or listening to love songs... --- all of these made me start to think thoroughly about my love life.

Even though for once in my life, I've never been in a relationship, I've always been a big fan and believer of love. Well, maybe because I grew up suffering from romantic dramas and movies overdose that I kept on thinking I hope mine will be as sweet and dramatic too. Well we should not compare fictional love stories with ours, I have nothing to compare with anyway =P, it's just that I believe that we can all feel as special and loved just like the lead characters of the story, right? When the right time comes, this certain someone will just cast the magic on you and poof! Hello luuurve! ^-^ Okay I got carried away

Seeing the big picture, I guess I can say that I already know very well the rules of thumb when it comes to love. But, as I haven't experienced it myself, I am clueless with the rules and how to's in a relationship. I am not in a hurry =P soon I'll get there. =)

I think I've changed a lot too. Well, it's amazing since, I'll say it again, I've never been in a relationship before! But hey, it's because I have experienced being in love already and I mean deeply in love, and besides, it's not that I am totally unwanted. Hmm...How should I say this, I have experienced depression from unrequited love and other complications of love, I have been unintentionally hurt by immature people and all, and I kind of got used to getting hurt and I kind of became familiar with the onset of situations which might hurt my feelings. I think things should only be simple right? It's only the two characters making it complex. If the other party is complicated, I think I should at least help ourselves and the situation to carry it to its simpler side and so I play "whatever..." I just go with the flow, I don't think much about it. Good thing I threw my habit of analyzing even the smallest of details. Whenever I have questions, I just pray for the answers. be continued

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Arashi's Hugs and Kisses fanvid [slash] Kiss Kara Hajimeyou cover song ^^,

wow, I managed to collect photos and gifs of our boys' romantic moments =D It's not so much though, and most of them are Jun's....I managed to insert some old ones but how I wish I was able to collect more >.<

hmmmm....talking about "Kiss", the bg song I used is the cover I made of Kiss Kara Hajimeyou.....please check it out =)....


Without any hesitation I will hold you in my arms and start from a kiss...

Oh yeah.... a big gamble as it may I made a cover song of Breathless too =D......dou???


As long as the memories between only the two of us won't change... Please promise me that...

"Kakenukero" and "Up To You" cover song ^-^

and I am alive again!!! It's been a while since I last wrote...
I just  wanna share this because I am so hooked with Arashi's new album, Popcorn....

I made my very own cover of some songs in the Popcorn Album....I just want to share it =D

First off.....the second track 駆け抜けろ! - Kakenukero! click on the link below


and my personal favorite....Up To You... click on the link below

Put Your hands together!!!!

sorry if it made you feel that way, but I do not mean to ruin their songs....sorry if it's not that good =P
~uwaa...I can't stop singing these songs! and I want to sing more of their songs! I wonder what will be next =D


Time check....1:56 AM and I am still working on my film critque paper. Since, it has to be a medical film, of course I chose my personal favorite...神様のカルテ (God's Medical Records). It's very heart-warming and simply wonderful =)

But watching it at this time stabs me in the heart...nice timing...

Seems like my dream is out of my reach now. And just how much of a loser am I for not being able to get the chance to have TWO of my dreams....those which I only long for in my life...

I don't know what face to make, but my heart sure is in pain. It's so shocking and hurting that I cannot feel anything...nothing is projected in my face.

I don't know what to do...I am so tired of overthinking and having myself depressed in the end of the day. I am also sick of attempting and doing reckless and crazy things to my body, but to no avail...I am not that strong either to say the positive words my soul is very knowledgeable of. My soul knows wisdom, but doesn't always live it.

I feel betrayed, but I am not mad. In fact, part of me is thankful for giving me the chance to be who I am now.

I have no plans, but I guess I just have to move forward and take things one step at a time. There's no need to concern and worry oneself with the future. Besides, it's how you perform today which will make your tomorrow.

~uwaaaa I still feel empty....*sigh* I wonder what is in store for me.....

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Hitori Janai Sa (You're Not Alone) *cover*

I am so in love with this song that I was inspired to make a cover!

It's not something to brag about, really!!!! I just want to express myself LOOOOOOOL!!! =))))

Sorry, it's not that's only a capella.. It's soooooo quiet, just now I realized =P

I love the message of the song...and it made me more excited to find out that the reply is contained in the other song, "Toward the Future" ^^, awwww....the two songs together, and their messages are romantic >.< <3

So, here it is....I just want to share =)

watch it here...
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It's been a while since I last wrote...Our third quarter for the third year started last week.

Actually, there is something I haven't said here yet...Actually, I changed. Nope, not just any normal change a person undergoes.

It all started on September of 2010...I fell on a deep sadness after I hurt someone dear to me. Guilt and regret haunted me. And then, things around me just started to lose control and heck I cannot pull things back together. I was in a total mess.

And then, I started the habit of extracting blood from my veins. At first, it's just for practice purposes, but then I found myself having the urge to do such every time I get depressed every now and then.

Well, I know for myself this isn't normal...And if I continue doing such, I might find myself in a bigger dilemma.

Last week in our orientation, I told everyone about this. As expected they stared surprised at me and seems like they freaked the heck out. Well, I've said something not to be shared with the crowd, you know?

And I have a reason I did that...I am ready to be hated or get feared, but I just hate to be the center of attention especially when the reason is this. And I think, soon, I will stop this habit just to avoid to be talked about.

I hope this could work...

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The Hardest Thing

After 100 years...I was able to post this...Good thing LJ is fixed now....^-^ YIPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIEEEEE!

And so, let me continue singing it… *clears throat*
It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do…
To look you in the eye and tell you I don’t love you.
It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to lie…
To show no emotions when you start to cry.

It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do…
To turn around and walk away,
Pretending I don’t love you.

     Awww… How I miss this song... "The Hardest Thing" by 98 Degrees. I remember I always hear this song every morning whenever I am in the school bus and I am on the way to school. :P I think I was a pre-schooler, grade 1 or grade 2 back then...hihihiihihi the good ol' days!
    Well my topic for today is connected to this song's message. And I chose to write about this because many friends of mine are experiencing this, strangely enough....there are many of them...O.o
    I won't forget what my friend said to me before, he is my friend who is also like a brother to me. He said that sometimes, there will come to your life the moment when you'll have to say "I don't love you." to someone you love the most and say "I love you." to the one you didn't really choose.
    You'll have to go away from the one you treasure the most and be with someone you don't love...For what? He said, sometimes, doing so will be the best for the both of you..
The best for the both of you...

NONSENSE!!!! >.<

    Now, this situation is different from when you let go of someone because he/she is happy with someone else. If you really love that person, you'll do this. But again, I am against with denying your true feelings to his/her and to yourself. That only shows evidence of bitterness and hatred in your heart, which is yeah, not good.
    But let's go back to that of my friend's words. What good would that do to you?
    "This is the worst."
    Nope, nuh-uhh...worse than this, what if the other person loves you? This is a total disaster >.< for heaven's sake! It's like everything is simple, you're just the one making it complicated! You love him, she loves you...then that's that! You know what to do! Simple!
    The human feelings shouldn't be taken for granted. This could make or break one's entire life!
    Wouldn't it be the best if the two of you throw away those masks, be true and just love each other? There's nothing more rewarding than being loved by the one you love with your whole life.
    Love is just between the two of you no matter how distant you are from one another. It involves just the two of you, not with your friends, enemies or even families. There's not a single requirement that you need to be this or matter who you are as long as you love each other.
   And with this, I am not telling that you should beat destiny and be together even if you shouldn't be. Again, it's a case-to-case scenario, of course. All I am saying is thou shan't deceive when it comes to one's inner feelings, you're just lying to yourself as you're lying to the other person.
   Whether he/she loves you or not. Tell it! What's important is you are true and sincere.


Fan Arts again: SakuMiya's "Summer Splash" and AiMiya Luv!

It's been a long time since I last posted my sketches...:P kinda busy with school! It's my vacation, so I am happy to finish some drawings yay! :D "AiMiya Luv"

Sorry for the crappy scan :P hihihi >.< I cannot do digital art :(
How I wish I can make one...>.< but I guess it's impossible for me >.<
I know painting, but I prefer not to do it in my drawings because it really takes time and effort >.<
maybe next time :)

Well my favorite here is Aibaby's signature leggings :P (his fashion)...
Actually, I made this one long time back, I was late in posting looks like :P

next.... SakuMiya's "Summer Splash"

This is the one I just finished recently...
Why "Summer Splash"??? Well basically because, I based the drawing of my own "Mind PV" of the song :)
Particularly, the second verse of the song :P

Neen: With her soft,long hair, she turns back to look at me and my senses come to a halt...

Sho-kun: (torturing and exaggerating Nino's feelings) Every time she looks back again, I return back to my old self. ~Ah... I keep doing that.

The hardest part here...OMG.... is writing the Kanji! Well, I am not a Japanese and I don't really know how to write Japanese characters....O.o OMG...I don't even know if I wrote the right words! gomen ne minna! >.<

Jya...That's all for next project...I am working on Sho-chan's "Let Me Down"!

Thanks minna!

Beautiful World SOLOS ---> Review! ^-^

Because I'm on vacation! HELLLLLLOOOOOOO! ^-^ Such a shame that it's only now that I wrote a review again, and I didn't even manage to finish the BNMF review of mine >.<
gomenasai >.<

Now I am back with a review of the Arashi members' solo songs in their
10th original album
, Beautiful World!!!!!

So without further ado....

First off...

Hung Up On by

          A totally new style for our dear talented Captain! And what would you expect, 100% he won't fail and yeah when I first heard it, "Crap! I told you, he won't screw this!" I forever love his voice. It's just his choice of songs that makes him plain sometimes. This strong, bad boy (but not as bad as Sakurai-kun ^^,), upbeat music and Leader's gentle attack and high notes made his total win!  It's like a gentle, bad boy's song! Why gentle??? hmmm.... It's given with Riida's majestic voice as well as his style of singing which is yeah sweet and gentle... :P Hard to explain, but I am right, right?
         And I can totally hear SHO-KUN here! Loud and clear!!!! Though, I thought he would sing a rap at the later part. The rap they were pertaining to was that in the intro. Hmmm....but I think he also sings as a second voice too in some parts. His low, manly voice helped Riida give off a wilder image of the song. :D
        I can't wait for the choreography of this song!!!! And to think Riida's "THE MOVES" will be unleashed once again!!!! O.o

このままもっと(Kono Mama Motto - Just Go On Like This)


         I admit that this type of music is not what I really expected as Sakurai-kun's solo in Beautiful world. Because it's his solo and he's a rapper, I thought it would be more of a rap. But you know, I am actually IMPRESSED *-* by this! This is like a 180-degree shift of style, very different! Just like Riida, but they are opposite.
       The intro (ya know... the romantic brass music.. <3) reveals that the song is sweet and full of love; then there comes the cute beat of the song which shows it's playfulness, youthfulness and freshness; and then of course, our guy won't fail to add his own touch even to this totally different style of song.
       So it's basically a fresh song of overflowing love of a young person! (young-at-hearts too, of course :D)
       The high notes
are just great..."~ai wo..." He nails it there! And from so many comments of fangirls, they say the flail and faint whenever Sho-kun says the words, "I LOVE YOU." Well, the way he articulates the words are very good! He has good pronunciation of the words, as expected from our Keio Boy!
        You know, even before reading the translations after hearing it for the first time, I cried. I don't know why, maybe because it's so darn cute! It actually reminds me of his own rendition of Tomadoi Nagara, ne? ^-^

じゃなくて (Janakute - That's Not It)


        Another guy who took a different move is Aiba-chan! And for him, JAZZ! Even if it's hard to find a good song that will fit his cool, breathy voice, just....WOW O.o! He hit the bull's eye actually. Because it's jazz, it gives a mature character. But still, because it's Ma-kun, the sweet humorous guy doesn't fail to show up! :P
        I love how the song was written! The singer is typically telling a story and saying the verbatim through the lyrics. Telling the exact words of the girl and then saying "That's not it." in between her words is really CUTE! I can see a "mind PV" of Aiba in a restaurant, eating and chatting with the girl, but with a troubled face :P because that girls is just so naive! Hey girls! Aibaby is in love with you!!!!
        The song itself is focused with just that short story the singer is narrating, but he expands it with his feelings --> I like that style, not like other songs which talk about the two people's love, promise for each other in the school backyard, then their separation and their hopes of meeting again...It's really not bad, but, it's too long to elaborate them all. In the end, these songs just end up telling very few feelings about each scene.
        Let's see how he will perform this song in the con! ooooooooooooooooooh can't wait! >.<

どこにでもある唄 (Doko ni Demo Aru Uta - A Song You Can Find Anywhere)



        This kind of song is not new for our brat as he is still the famous balladeer of the group ^-*. It's a rock-ballad type of song and again he didn't fail to stand out! I love how he sag the lowest and the highest of the notes. He has such flexible vocal cords! Gosh!
         What impresses me the most is that he himself wrote the lyrics and arranged the music. As a regular person, he does have something in his heart! Sure of that, don't you think? I mean, to be able to write songs or anything base on a certain topic, he experienced it or he based it on something he encountered. He might be ALL WORK AND ALL PLAY :P, but he is actually a very deep, clever person. He might not reveal how deep of a person he is but it shows with all of his compositions.
         Wow NEEN, WOW!!! O.O
          And should I mention about how skillful he is at the end part with all those high notes????? :P
          This song and its message really really really moved me! :)

Shake It by

        This is also not new for our Emperor, who has that funky side in the dance floor! Every time I hear the first part " Shake it, shake it, shake it...The body!" It actually makes me shake my booty!!! Like  "Come Back To Me", it's also the type of music you will hear in disco bars, but this time, it's not that techno, 100% pure funk and groove! And having a voice which is hard to find a music to pair it up with, he also hit the jackpot like Aiba-chan! He nailed it actually! The beat is so playful, so cute, but you can still feel the MatsuJun touch which is his lover image. He didn't fail to include it in the song!
        I am proud to say that Jun-kun improved the most among all the members when it comes to singing. Unlike before, he can now sing flawlessly live in their concerts! (proven during the Scene Tour ^^,) Give him the high problemo! The Prince can now handle it perfectly!
       "Mind PV".... Jun is showing off with his girl in a disco dance floor. They are dancing, grooving, just the two of them! Playful but still full of love in between them. They are invincible and inseparable, even by the big crowd encircling them!!! :D (wild imagination....hahahaha :D)
       ooohhh.... I wanna see his perf!!! A total must!!!

Phew....that was long :P hihihihihi I hope you enjoyed reading ^^, Thanks for stopping by ^^, I really love their solos this time!!! All of them! :D
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