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My "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei" Review ^^, Part One

Boku no Miteiru Fuukei...

This album, all in all, is another major "level-up" of our boys!
The songs are very new and let's say, they have
"crossed the line."
Whatever margin is'll know.
All I can say is that our boys have become adults, more matured, naughty and sizzling hot! pssssss...:P

Movin' On
               The first track of the 9th album has a very strong melody. This song is very much Arashi-like, having such lyrics like, "Go! Go! Go! Just now we go! Hold your heart and run to this era!" Right! Another song that pushes your back to advance. This is one major reason why I like Arashi, not only because of their "kawaii-ness" but also because they send uplifting messages using their songs <3. Yeah movin' on baby!
               The strong attitude the melody is giving also reveals the sincerity of the song. This song also shows Riida's superiority, he seems like leading the rest here. Just like in the part before the Sakurap. He introduces the rap part perfectly, then there comes Aiba-Nino-Jun following Riida! Sugoi! And yeah, what can I say? The rap is just another "woah!"

Don't Stop
               This song gives me the picture of 5 guys as detectives or investigators. The song comes in as the climax comes in. Yeah, they already know who the culprit is! And there they go in the middle of the night to rescue the girl...running...chasing... and of course, action! Hihihi gomen, I have a playful, wild at times. Well, that's the PV that pops out everytime I hear this..and I was like, ok... gorgeous ones...I won't stop! Nice melody and arrangement! <3 it!
Mada Ue Wo
                    Addicted! My favorite! This is what I'm talking about a while ago. Futuristic, techno, hippy song. This song really made me stare blankly while listening. I was like...who are you people??? OMG, Arashi!!!!! This is what I'm waiting for, for our boys to cross the line and try songs which are really "pop" for today's generation.
                    Away from their wholesome, cute, (sometimes cheesy :P) tunes, This is just so -100 degrees cool! So manly and so sexy. Just like what is the common music among kpop lovers...Ok Arashi is in the house! Make way! Drop-dead gorgeous and seductive!
                    None stands out more than the other, equal share of lyrics, and all are able to show their sexy sides. The Sakurap has become different too. Wild Sakurai, the roof is on fire! And he will make you imagine various things! LOL. Oh yeah, I can't say anything more. Guys, they've crossed the line and it's so great! Speechless, they are just so flexible! They can sing in any genre!

                    Refrain is another song I fell in love with. Upon hearing the melody alone, you'll know its mood ---- "it's raining and it's drowning my heart..." something like that.
                    In the first and second verses, comes Kazu-kun singing his harmony part, and as expected... it's so beautiful. And in the bridge, in the solo parts of Captain and Nino, guess whose voice is coming in together with them...yup, MatsuJun's! Impressive and he's getting better and better. I was astonished the second time around to hear him again. (First was in Everything)...Sad and lonely song, but I love the message!

               Sakurai Sho's solo... I can say that this song is a big leap of the guy, a major transformation. He's gotten hotter and hotter, don't you think? Oh hell yeah! ^^, When I first heard the song, he gave me the creeps and when I saw the translations of the song, I was like...oh, that's why...that explains my goosebumps...and I was speechless.....DIRTYYYYYYYYY!!!! (hahahahahaha lol XP) This song is very horny (no really, there are so many horns blowing in the background! hihi tell me I'm wrong! :P) with a pervy pervy Sho-chan! You'll keep on imagining things :P...But I really love this. SHO sexy and a hundred degrees hot. This is one great masterpiece. I am looking forward to his performance...eeek, and maybe, more mature roles in the future, right? (Bravo!)

Shizuka na Yoru ni
                     Riida's solos have always been quiet, common and sometimes boring... This is very much like Oh-chan but I was never tired of this solo...I really love it... Just like Refrain, when I heard the song, I was like, maybe, it's raining too...And when I read the translations, as expected, it's a sad song too. But if you will notice, the lyrics of the song is very much pertaining and using the nature to express its message...Simply poetic!

"I continued to draw alone, into this quiet night..."

Draw??? Wow....this is so Riida-like! We all know that he has that exceptional, captivating voice, and of all the members, he is the one capable of singing ballads without failing the audience...His voice fits the melody of the song...It's strongly sad, but I love it! (Tres Bien Riida!)

Thanks for reading and please leave your comments! ^^, Part two is coming up!
Credits to aibakawaii for the icons!

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