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Endless Sky: Review

"An endless sky is there,"
just now a confident voice could be heard.
Shall we change that we can't fly and go?
Let's start over by taking a step forward,
no matter how many times, with all our might.

I love the song...100 % LSS!!! And its message... it just pierces through me. Their songs just lift my soul up!!! (just how many times will I say this??? :P)

The PV...I love the concept of being in a small, enclosed world with so many doors around you...and at the end of the song, it just opens up into an indeed vast, ENDLESS SKY! ^^,

I am not disappointed anymore with the PV, I believe (or rather...I got used to this kind of PVs of our dear boys :P)
The fact that they are the one in it is an O.K. for me ^^,

Why does Aiba-kun need to be in the opening in which he is walking? Just like "To Be Free" LOL

~uwaaa when it comes to the voices... Sakumiya... SakuSho's voice seems to be strong in this song, he is totally NOT left out by Nino...way to go! Riida-Jun-Aiba... I love Aiba and Jun's voices together, so controlled and balanced... the high and the low...Leader and Nino....Kanpeki!

my favorite part here is the bridge, particularly, the part of our two bass singers, Sakurai-kun and Aiba-chan...their voices are so cold together....soothing to the ears...

All in all, even it's not really a WOW PV. I love it. <3
They don't really need a very extravagant video...they would become very very flashy.
The are fine the way they are...

Nino ---> I love how he plays with the beats of the song and of course...projection!
Aiba ---> I love the outfit....fashionista always!
Captain ---> I love the new hair-do!
Jun-kun ---> I love the stance, the face, the attitude, the emotion. SUPERIOR!
Sho-chan ---> I love YOU :P

gee...I wonder if I can still continue writing my Boku no Miteiru Fuukei Review part two :P it's so late >.< gomen ne minna >.< kinda busy lately... >.<

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